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\ - The world's first national country E-sports competition WCG will be released for 20 years

** \ - e Sports history in a stroke he is a tournament in WCG, E Sports,

WCG released infographics that had a large record for the 20th anniversary.

WCG has been developed by the world's first national opposition to the world's first national E-Sports Competition, and has been impressed every year and has been impressed every year to game and e-sports fans every year. In 2019, we showed a new vision of 'Global E Sports Festival for a better world' and reborned in a new and diverse challenge.

WCG has released a history of e-sports, which has accumulated the 20th anniversary of the launch, and has released large historicals in the form of infographic.

Over the past 20 years, WCG was held in 13 countries, including Korea, USA, China, Italy, Germany. The country that earned the most medal in the competition has been revealing the majesty as the E-Sports Reserve as the Republic of Korea. Daniel Shell Haeas of the Daniel Shell Haeas of the Claims, Li Si Oo Fungus, The Daniel Shell Haes played as a player who has acquired the most medals.

The youngest player who participated in WCG was also released. The youngest player is 3 years old as an amine bone male participating in the WCG 2005 Singapore tournament.

As long as 20 years have been held, WCG has been adopted by 76 different events. The most adopted stocks are , , and series. In addition, the E-sports events that enjoyed the League Obra Street, and have also gotten a lot of responses to WCG officials.

From the 20-year history of WCG, you can see achievement achievements that are more prominent.

In 2008, WCG recorded the 'Single E Sports Most Athlete' (1.5 million) (1.5 million) and listed on the Guinness Book. In the WCG 2019 XI'an competition held in 2019, 111 players participated in the 2019, and until now, the cumulative prize money will reach about $ 5.9 million (about W6.7bn).

WCG Seo Tae-koo, said, WCG has been working on the history of e-sports for 20 years and has done important axis. I was able to get back on the 20th anniversary of the 20th anniversary and I could back about the meaning of the WCG and the meaning of the performance, he said, It is the history and experience of e-sports, e-sports history, and opening a new horizon. I will try to make a tournament.

One of the WCG star players, Warcraft> Jang Jae-ho, Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of WCG. In my professional gamer life, the WCG competition is a long time to build a lot of experience with a longitudinal relationship, he said, It is said, I will continue to be in the world's largest e-sports festival, he said.

More information on WCG and 20th anniversary infographics WCG Official Homepage , Official YouTube Channel , Official Instagram .


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